All About Dog Grooming: Tips on How to Make Your Dog’s Coat Look Shiny and Healthy

Before deciding to get a dog, you must be prepared to take care of its needs. Grooming and keeping your dog’s coat healthy is one of the most difficult and messy tasks you have to face. You have to learn beforehand this task to ensure the health of your pet. So, to guide you, here are some tips on how to make your furry friend’s coat beautiful and healthy.


Tip No. 1 Brushing is the secret

Treat your dog’s coat like your hair. Like you, your dog’s furry coat requires tending. It needs constant brushing to keep the shiny appearance and avoid a clump of furs. The basic equipment you will need is brush and comb. However, be careful in brushing your pet’s coat. The amount of brushing you have to do depend on the type of dog you have. Some dog has thick and long furs while others are total opposite to this kind of dog. If you have a dog with heavy coat always be prepared for a messy brush time – their coat can shed off a lot. Thus, you will need a shed control shampoo to reduce the shedding.

Tip No. 2 Bath and bath your dog

A key to managing your dog’s healthy coat is to keep it clean. Letting your pet’s fur covered in mud or any dirt can cause skin infections. Hence, it is important that you regularly bathe your dog. You can schedule your dog’s bath with a vet or you can do it on your own. It is advisable to bathe your dog at least once a month. However, the number of bathing your dog will depend on its breed.

Tip No. 3 Have a dog pampering day

If you go to a salon to maintain the health of your hair, your dog also needs the same thing. Make sure to have a regular check-up with your veterinarian to guarantee your furry best friend’s health. Some vets offer pampering services like nail trimming, dog bath and many more – let your dog have one. Having this kind of practice can help to avoid your dog from having a sticky and dull coat.

Tip No. 4 Use supplements

There are dog supplements which you can get online that supports healthy dog coat. One of the best dog supplements is Cranimal Supplements. This product contains vitamins and essential nutrients that can improve the quality of your dog’s coat and protect its health from various diseases. You can learn¬†all about natural dog suplements at¬†for additional details.