Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glasses are fast becoming very popular in usage. Acrylic glass is available by different brand names such as Plexi Warszawa in the market. Acrylic glass has become so popular due its shatter proof properties. It is used in places which are prone to shattering such as wind shields of cars or windows of high rise buildings. It is very similar in its properties to the silica glass and hence it is used as an alternative to silica based glass.


Acrylic glass is not a very old material. The oldest recorded usage of acrylic glass dates back to 1843. Its production technique has evolved a lot since then and nowadays it is manufactured on industrial scale. It is manufactured by processes known as emulsion polymerization, solution polymerization and bulk polymerization. Acrylic glasses produced by different processes differ slightly from each other.  Acrylic glass produced radical polymerization is completely amorphous by nature.

Acrylic glass has a very wide range of usage. Its shatter proof properties make it a suitable glass replacer. Its manufacturing process can be tweaked a little bit to produced glasses with different features. The first and the biggest use of acrylic glass are as a transparent glass substitute. It can be used in places where you need shatter proof glass such as aquariums, windows of high rise buildings and aquariums. It is also used in spectacles. We have listed some of the other uses acrylic glass below:

  • Acrylic glasses are very useful for daylight redirection. Their high refractive index makes them suitable for the use of daylight refraction. Acrylic bulbs are being in places which have high solar intensity to create daylight conditions inside four walls. They are a big boost to warehousing companies as their use can save a lot of electricity.
  • Acrylic glass finds it use in many medical purposes. Research has proven that acrylic glass has high compatibility with human tissue which means that it can be used very easily as a transplant. It has higher compatibility than even the silica glass. It is widely used as eye lens implant. Many times acrylic glass is used as an implant in cosmetic surgeries.
  • Last but not the least is its use as an aesthetic material. Many decorative pieces are made up of acrylic glass. Ladies’ shoe and sandals are also made up of acrylic glass. Wall hanging, table pieces, table tops, etc. are commonly made up of acrylic glass.