4 Benefits of DHT Blocking Shampoo

Progressive hair loss for males can be a source for low self-esteem. While other causes of progressive hair loss can be easier to control such as stress, nutrition, and chemotherapy as just a few examples, genes on the other hand may not be. DHT is a hormone converted from testosterone (a hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics in male). Its action on hair follicles can vary depending on the genes that make up the follicle. Some hair follicles respond to DHT by producing more hair while others may not and proceed to regress. This is the principle behind the success of many hair transplants. For people looking for inexpensive hair loss solutions, a DHT blocker shampoo may be of help.


  1. These prevent the action of DHT on your hair follicles.

DHT can signal regression of hair follicles which contribute to male baldness. Active ingredients of the DHT blocker shampoo act on your hair follicles making them less responsive to the effects of DHT. These also slow down the conversion testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicles.

  1. Less costly than opting for hair transplants.

Hair transplants work by transferring hair follicles that are unresponsive to DHT towards areas where hair growth is needed. Hair follicles transplanted can still produce hair as these are unaffected by DHT exposure regardless on which part of the body they are in. However, this procedure is known to be expensive. For people looking for find cost effective solutions against hair loss, resorting to DHT blocker shampoos can come as a cheaper alternative.

  1. A shampoo specialized for helping preventing further hair loss.

DHT blocker shampoos are formulated to prevent DHT action on your hair follicles. However, these are not only their main functions as these shampoos also contain active ingredients to support healthy hair regrowth. DHT blockers shampoos can also help moisturize your scalp and skin thereby facilitating healthier hair growth. Not only do these products encourage hair regrowth, growing stronger hair that is resistant to hair fall is also a side effect of their use.

  1. It works for both men and women.

Baldness is often reported in men more frequently. However, women can also suffer from hair loss. Women also produce testosterone but in smaller amounts compared to men daily. Because testosterone on its active form (DHT) can stimulate hair loss, women who have higher levels of testosterone can benefit from DHT blockers in preventing hair fall.