DVD businesses can still bring a lot of money

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Some are absolutely sure of the fact that the DVD market is dead and that all DVD businesses are doomed to die sooner or later, but they are wrong. The slice of this pie is still big as long as you are a wise marketer and know how to sell your product. There are numerous explanations to the fact that this business is going to survive and things that prove that this is perfectly true, so continue reading and find out more about them.

One of the explanations to the survival of this business is that kids definitely need it. Summer vacations are long and kids travel with their parents long hours. They hate being on a car or on a plane and their parents usually bring DVDs to keep them occupied. This brings a lot of cash to all movie rental stores in the summertime. Of course, their interest is not high only in the summer time; we all know how curious kids are, so a movie rental store that can offer movies with bonus features is surely going to be successful.

Another explanation to the fact that DVD businesses can still bring a lot of money stands in the fact that Blu-ray still is the best viewing experience. A lot of people enjoy their movie only if the image is of a top quality, so they are not ready to make any compromises and watch a movie in a bad quality just because it is easily accessible on who knows what site. They prefer to take the ride to the store waste some time on the way to the store and the way back home just in order to make sure of the fact that the movie they are going to watch is going to offer them a top quality viewing experience. There are a few movie rental stores that have already bet on this feature of the products they are selling and they have definitely won the bet.

Even the industry’s marketing says that DVD businesses are going to be successful with a good marketing campaign and that they are going to bring a lot of money. Specialists think that in the future, people will get a digital version of a movie, but they will also want it on a disc.

The industry also takes advantage of the fact that there are music or sports products that can easier be sold as DVDs than as digital copies. For example, a sports championship is going to sold as a DVD, but few people will be interested in downloading a digital version of the championship. If they are paying a lot of money on the championship’s copy, these people want to make sure that it stays with them and that they don’t lose it because of some computer virus.

A lot of people are absolutely convinced of the fact that the DVD industry is not dead and they are perfectly right. They just think that this home entertainment area needs to keep up the pace with what is new on the market and nothing else.


DIY DVD- Tree Removal Guide

If you live in some parts of the country say in Arizona or Atlanta, coming across a big uprooted or dead tree in your neighborhood is more common than you would imagine. Of course,if it is possible,you should always seek  service from a professional tree removal company,but many times you can not have their service at quick notice. At those times,you may need to take things on your own hand. This is the part of a old DVD which has been uploaded on Youtube and should come handy if you want to do it yourself. There is also an inforgraphic below to find common symptoms to take preventive measures before the tree is uprooted.If you are in Atlanta area,I would highly recommend  recommend this tree removal company of Atlanta,GA. (I have used their service before and have got the service in matter of hours most of the time)

Dead tree removal service in Atlanta infographics

Dead tree removal service

Breast cancer survivor DVD resources

I came across this DVD while doing my research on best cancer survivor resources. I would list down numerous resources those I found useful.

  • Breast Cancer Survivorship DVD Request Form Breast cancer survivors can request a free copy of the DVD  by calling ProMedica Cancer Institute at 877-291-1441 .You just need to fill up the form. You can do this on behalf of your any friend or relative too.
  • Here is another good compilation of resources   http://www.healingcancer.info/resources/books-videos-dvds

Here is a great infographics (by Online doctor portal DoctorSpring) about personal story of Angelina jolie,who went extra length for prevention of breast cancer.

source: online doctor spring

Brest cancer infographics





Best DVD course in Binary Options trading in Spanish

Opciones Binarias course

I came  across a really great channel about binary options trading in Youtube,which has detailed  review about binary options brokers

Truth be told. I know lot of guys ask me about DVD courses but I will highly recommend to learn course online at Udemy rather. Simply,there is no point in downloading the course and learn from it in a non interactive manner. I know a lot of my subscribers prefer Spanish version to learn.

You may check this Opciones Binarias DVD course portal for comprehensive guidance on binary options trading.

Do not forget to check out this infographics about common mistakes in trading.

mistakes of trading

Is the video rental business dead?

When asked, most people think that the video rental business is dead, mostly because of the time saving prospect and comfort offered by websites such as Netflix. What do you think? Do you agree with those who think that the video rental business is dead or do you think that there still is hope? I started to ask myself this question only a few days ago, when I was offered a flyer while walking down the street. What did the flyer say? It was basically offering me a deal: 30 days of free movies and game rental coming from Blockbuster if I become a new member. I have to confess that I was shocked, mainly because I thought that Blockbuster is closing its stores, not trying to attract new members. Then, I remembered the time during which Blockbuster asked its clients to leave their credit card on file in order to make sure that the customers will bring the movies or games back. Did they even have the legal right to do that? I think they didn’t, so they must have realized that it was one hell of a marketing strategy they were using there, so they suddenly decided to change it in order to keep their stores open. Now comes my second question: do they still have time to save something or is it just too late for them? Are they too late with this move? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Probably time will tell, but I think I know what the answer is for Blockbuster.

Do you want to find out what I think? I think that Blockbuster made a lot of money back in the VHS days, but the store chain forgot about the fact that as time passes, people want to be properly treated, especially when you are an old member. It is true that there are a lot of traditionalists left out there, but they have definitely stopped going to Blockbuster when they were asked to leave their credit card as proof of the fact that they are going to bring the movie back. If they have had no late fee, what makes the Blockbuster owners think that they are going to get one now? This was the click that triggered the end for Blockbuster. Even these traditionalists decided that it is a good idea for them to learn more about Netflix, for example, since Blockbuster is not treating them right anymore. As for the Blockbuster chain, how can they even think about the fact that a business model that was successful two decades ago is still going to be successful for another few more decades, with no changes? If you want to stay in the business, you simply have to keep up the pace with the time. If there is a change going on, embrace it, as it is going to be good for your business. Don’t be reticent about the new marketing tools and the new products now available, as they can make or break a business. I think that the video rental business in general is not dead; it is dead only for stores such as Blockbuster.

The survival of movie rental

Who hasn’t heard of Blockbuster? I am sure that all of you, as kids, were simply thrilled to go to Blockbuster every time your parents had some free time to rent a movie. Now, it is very sad to enter a Blockbuster store, as these are the last days of business for the company and the only thing you can find inside is DVDs that can be bought. Yes, Blockbuster is selling its entire inventory. Even though some might think that since Blockbuster is closing, this is the end of movie rental, there still are success stories on the market. One of them is Family Video, a movie rental chain with 770 stores in locations in Canada and Midwest. The best about this movie rental chain is not this; the best is yet to come: the rental chain is preparing new locations after adding 18 last year. What is the story standing behind this huge success? Good ideas, top quality services and a smart marketing campaign.

Lots of Family Video locations have Marco’s Pizza joints next door and this has helped them boost their business. People go to their stores, rent a movie or two and get some pizza. This is the perfect recipe for relaxing evenings. While you are waiting for your pizza to be ready, you can browse for a movie in the Family Video store next door.

This is one success story and one of the examples on how movie rental survives. Another good example is Redbox. The Redbox owner is one of those people who simply love brick and mortar stores and who would not trade them for an online store. Redbox manages to help the movie rental survive by presenting a store in which movie rental services are available, among other products. The Redbox owner is proud of being able to offer his clients a video selection much wider than the ones available online and he often manages to bring new releases in stores much sooner than online stores manage to make this happen.

As you can see, it all stands in the marketing strategy and the creative ideas that you implement in the movie rental store. Even though Hulu and Netflix are now available, this doesn’t mean that people have completely lost the joy of renting a movie from an actual store. The feeling is completely different from the one you get when you access a website and this is what makes movie rental survive at the end of the day. In the next few years, it is not going to be easy for the industry, but a little bit of creativity will make everything good in the end. Of course, the creativity has to be combined with a lot of work and a good marketing strategy but just because the Blockbuster stores are being closed, this doesn’t mean that there is no winning recipe available. There is, but it is now waiting to be discovered and then exploited to the fullest. If this is done, then the movie rental industry is going to survive.


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